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  • Job Description: A brief statement of the position, including the general job duties.
    • Responsible for the leadership and oversight of teams driving coordination of care across the patient care continuum, inclusive of care management, supportive services, patient navigation and remote patient triage in Ambulatory Services. Partners with physicians, leaders and other key stakeholders to provide exceptional service and access to key patient care services. Partners with external referring organizations to create seamless and efficient patient referral processes. Leads the establishment of standard processes and protocols to effectively assess and triage patient care needs remotely. Demonstrates working knowledge of all facets of role, relevant regulations, and organizational and departmental policies and procedures.

  • Reports to
    • Chief Administrative Officer or designee

  • Supervises
    • Nurse Navigators,  Ambulatory Social Work, Ambulatory Patient Relations, Medical Assistants, Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse

  • Ages of Patients
    • N/A

  • Blood Borne Pathogens
      • Minimal/No Potential

  • Qualifications
    • Education
      • Required: Bachelor’s degree in Nursing

      • Preferred: Master’s degree in Nursing, Business or Healthcare Administration

    • Licensure/Certification
      • Required: CA RN License

      • Preferred: Lean Six Sigma Certification

    • Experience
      • Required: Three (3) years of nursing experience in case management or quality improvement plus five (5) years of experience in healthcare leadership

      • Preferred: Experience with implementing nurse navigation services

  • Specific Skills, Knowledge, Abilities Required
    • Strong organizational and critical thinking skills
    • Strong leadership and coordination skills necessary to direct multidisciplinary teams
    • Strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills; presenting data and information to physicians and all other clinical staff
    • Knowledge of regulatory, state and federal guidelines pertaining to Case Management and Social Services processes and continuum of care strategies.
  • Essential Job Specific Responsibilities
    • Development and ongoing support of an Ambulatory Care Coordination Program that includes:
      • Development and support of a Nurse Triage model that supports Primary and Specialty Care Services
      • Implementation of a Social Work program.
      • Continue to expand the prescription management program to Primary and Specialty Services
      • Align future initiatives with National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI)
      • Development of a strategic plan with Inpatient Case Management and Quality department that supports Care Coordination across the organization.
      • Expansion of the Nurse Navigator role to support Transitional Care Management (TCM) and Annual Wellness visits
    • Develops and implements an orientation/mentoring program for the department.
    • Develops and educates staff in order to implement and maintain an immediate service recovery program.
    • Provides outcomes analysis and process measure reports of department specific key performance indicators.
    • Develops and implements corrective action plans proactively when process and other issues are identified.
    • Implements, integrates and maintains department performance improvement program and promotes and supports hospital wide performance improvement efforts.
    • Collects, analyzes and presents data to Care Coordination team, Chief Administrative Officer, V.P. of Ambulatory Services and other departments as applicable.
    • Monitors and reports quarterly quality, satisfaction and outcome data that is aligned with organizational goals and service standards regarding the Care Coordination program.
    • Develops, maintains and provides initial orientation and ongoing training and education to promote Care Coordination for clinical and departmental staff.
    • Collaborates and coordinates with the Quality Improvement Department, Inpatient Care Management to develop and maintain quality reporting specific to transitions of care.
    • Acts as a liaison to community resources and professional associations to promote the performance improvement of Care Coordination and patient/family/physician satisfaction.
    • Maintains knowledge of and compliance with laws, regulations (federal and state) as well as JCAHO accreditation standards and contractual agreements pertaining to Care Coordination.
    • Participates in hospital activities and committees as appropriate.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.

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One of my very favorite things about working at Eisenhower Health is the culture on inclusivity that we have and a strong base for evidence-based practice.


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One of the greatest things about working as a nurse at Eisenhower Health is how much support you get from Administration. We keep on improving the process here. It's a fantastic place to work.


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My favorite thing about working at Eisenhower Health is the camaraderie within my unit and with the different departments.


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