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  • Job Objective: A brief overview of the position.
    • Coordinates the care of the patient in a physician’s office on a daily basis, including preparation of medical chart, returning phone calls, ordering tests and prescriptions, collecting pertinent insurance information.
      Coordinates the surgical scheduling of the patient in a private physician’s office with the appropriate hospital. Obtains surgical codes, authorization, schedules patient cardiac and medical clearances, prepares the chart and films, forwards information to pre-op, schedules patient for pre-op interview, and makes follow-up surgical appointment. All other duties as assigned

  • Reports to
    • Clinical Office Practice Manager
  • Supervises
    • None
  • Ages of Patients
    • Adolescent
    • Adult
    • Geriatric
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
    • High Potential
  • Qualifications
    • Education
      • Preferred: College courses/Higher education

    • Licensure/Certification
      • Required: Medical Assistant Certificate or equivalent
      • Required: American Heart Association BLS
    • Experience
      • Required: Two (2) years Medical Assistant or 1 year of Scheduling 

  • Essential Responsibilities
    • Demonstrates compliance with Code of Conduct and compliance policies, and takes action to resolve compliance questions or concerns and report suspected violations.
    • Prepares patient charts timely and accurately.
    • Gather reports to complete chart.
    • Places order for films, labs and other studies as appropriate, timely and accurately.
    • Contacts other physicians’ offices and facilities to gather test results ordered by physicians.
    • Prints daily office schedule
    • Answers all patient questions and requests timely and appropriately.
    • File reports and notes in the charts timely and accurately.
    • Calls and faxes pharmacy orders timely and accurately.
    • Faxes and copies necessary information to insurance companies, other physician offices and other facilities as necessary.
    • Request for films to be delivered to the office prior to the patient’s visit.
    • Ensures completeness and accuracy of all forms filled and signed by patients.
    • Confirms patient appointments timely.
    • Processes billing information accurately and timely.
    • Ensures superbills to be complete, including physician signature.
    • Assists with requesting authorization for PPO patient studies.
    • Answers phones, retrieves voicemail messages and returns calls timely and appropriately.
    • Ensures patient rooms are clean and well stocked.
    • Takes the patient’s blood pressure, height and weight and records findings in the chart accurately.
    • Completes the medication log and reconciles patient medication(s) on each clinic visit
    • Processes patient referrals to other physician offices timely and accurately.
    • Assists with the release of patient records and films to patients.
    • Assists physicians as needed.
    • Obtains physician signatures on appropriate documents.
    • Collaborates with the scheduling of new patients.
    • Schedule follow-up patient visits.
    • Assists with internal billing audits as necessary.
    • Assists with ordering of medication samples.
    • Assists with medical and office supplies ordering.
    • Ensures patient information is correctly entered in the database.
    • Places order for cardiac and medical clearance other studies as appropriate, timely and accurately.
    • Contacts other physicians’ offices and facilities to follow-up on cardiac and medical clearance test results ordered by physicians.
    • Ensures surgery schedule is updated timely and accurately.
    • Ensures correct information required by anesthesia is available as needed, i.e. stress test, echocardiogram, EKG
    • Confirms requested monitoring during surgery, i.e. IOM, stereotactic navigation.
    • Confirms patient surgical appointments timely.
    • Schedules post-op appointments timely and accurately
    • Processes paperwork needed by hospital surgical interview office.
    • Ensures hospital surgical interview office receives the appropriate surgical documents.
    • Reviews lab results with the physicians. Makes notes of abnormal lab results and brings to the physician’s attention.
    • Faxes all necessary documents to pre-op and main OR
    • Tracks surgical orders.
    • Consents patients timely and accurately.
    • Provides written confirmation to patient for the surgery date, pre-op, post-op appointments.
    • Obtains surgical codes for insurance authorization timely and accurately.
    • Pre-certifies patients for in-patient and out-patient procedures.
    • Other duties as assigned

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My favorite thing about working at Eisenhower Health is the camaraderie within my unit and with the different departments.


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