Specialists (Clinical and Non-Clinical)
Cardiac Surgery Admin
Full Time
8 Hour Shift
Rancho Mirage, CA
Job #

  • Job Objective: A brief overview of the position.

    • The Physician Assistant (PA) assists in OR and is responsible for the management of care of the cardiac surgery patient across inpatient healthcare Continuum.

  • Reports to

    • Administrative Director, Surgical Services and Supervising Cardiac Surgeon

  • Supervises

    • N/A

  • Ages of Patients

    • Adult

    • Geriatric

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

    • High Potential

  • Qualifications

    • Education

    • Licensure/Certification

      • Required: Physician Assistant license by PA’s Examining Committee of the Medical Board of California; and American Heart Association BLS and ACLS.

    • Experience

      • Preferred: Acute cardiac pre to post-op management.

  • Essential Responsibilities

    • Demonstrates compliance with Code of Conduct and compliance policies, and takes action to resolve compliance questions or concerns and report suspected violations.

    • Utilizes the medical model to manage patient care. Completes management of care by:

      • Providing evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

      • Health promotion and disease prevention-based goals for self-care skills.

      • Provide counseling and education Offer collaborative practice-based setting.

      • Provide risk assessment to families and community.

      • Primary and acute care level of intervention.

    • Assesses the health status of patients by completing the following:

      • Obtains a relevant health and medical history

      • Performs a physical examination based on age and history.

      • Performs or orders diagnostic procedures based on the client’s needs.

      • Identifies health and medical risk factors.

    • Makes accurate diagnosis by:

      • Utilizing critical thinking in the diagnostic process.

      • Synthesizing and analyzing the collected data.

      • Formulating a differential diagnosis based on the history, physical examination, and diagnostic test results.

      • Establishing priorities to meet the health and medical needs of the client.

    • Develops a treatment plan under the supervising physician to maximize health potential.

      • Selecting appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions.

      • Developing a patient education plan and providing patient teaching.

      • Appropriate consultation/referral.

    • Interventions are based on priorities and are individualized and consistent with plan of care.

    • Evaluates and follows up on patient status making modifications in the treatment plan as necessary based on reassessment.

    • Recognizes priorities in critical situations and acts in a timely manner.

    • Demonstrates knowledge of surgical anatomy, physiology, and operative techniques.

    • Provides intra-operative exposure and retraction.

      • Retracts tissues or organs by use of the hand.

      • Places and holds surgical retractors.

      • Packs sponges or laparotomy pads into body cavities to hold tissues or organs out of the operative field.

      • Manages all instruments in the operative field to prevent obstruction of the surgeon’s view.

    • Sutures tissue, using instruments and suture material.

      • Correctly approximates tissue layers.

      • Approximates tissue appropriately to avoid excess tension and tissue necrosis.

      • Ties knots firmly to avoid slipping.

      • Uses staples, clips or other devices to approximate tissue.

    • Handles tissues and manipulates instruments to perform:

      • Superficial dissection.

      • Harvesting of saphenousvein 1. open 2. bridging 3. endoscopic Provides hemostasis by:

      • Aspirating and sponging of blood and other fluids from the operative site.

      • Applying clamps on superficial vessels and typing them or electrocoagulation of them as directed.

      • Placing suture ligatures in the muscle, subcutaneous and skin layers.

      • Placing hemoclips or other ligating devices on bleeders.

    • Facilitates patient participation in health and medical care by providing education needed to make decisions and choices about:

      • Promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.

      • Consultation with other appropriate health care personnel.

      • Appropriate utilization of health care resources.

      • Facilitation of entry into the healthcare system; admission to facility under direction of Supervising Physician.

      • The promotion of a safe, realistic discharge plan.

    • Completes patient rounds on all Cardiovascular Surgery inpatients.

    • Performs other duties as assigned.

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