Administrative Support
Primary Care Center for Family Medicine (Argyros)
Full Time
8 Hour Shift
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Job #
  • Job Objective: A brief overview of the position.
    • The Quality Control/Indexing Technician position is responsible to ensure that all records/documents scanned into Horizon Ambulatory Care (HAC) are of the highest quality possible. The Quality Control/Indexing Technician is responsible for scanning and indexing all documents to the appropriate patient folder/encounter utilizing the correct document name.
  • Reports to
    • Operations Manager
  • Supervises
    • N/A
  • Ages of Patients
    • N/A
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
    • Minimal/ No Potential
  • Qualifications
    • Education
      • Required: N/A
    • Licensure/Certification
      • N/A
    • Experience
      • Required: N/A
      • Preferred: 1 year previous clerical experience preferably in a Medical Record dept. or other healthcare setting.
  • Essential Responsibilities
    • Retrieves documents from scanning shelf and performs scanning process according to procedure and within established timeframe at least 97% of the time.
    • Performs indexing process with 99% accuracy.
    • Ensures that all scanned documents are positioned correctly. Identifies and corrects those that are not and fixes with 99% accuracy.
    • Merge documents within an encounter as appropriate with 99% accuracy.
    • Correctly insert pages/documents when and where appropriate with 99% accuracy.
    • Ensures that patient name and medical record number are documented on each page 100% of the time.
    • Reviews assigned work load daily and ensure timely processing of all assignments in the queues.
    • Tracks and manages medical records release requests; calling physician offices to follow up on requests, logs in receipt of medical records.
    • Preps medical record for physician review. Scans these documents after review by MD and labeling of appropriate documents to be scanned.
    • Maintains organized medical records scanning process insuring compliance with HIPPA regulations.
    • Assists Ancillary Secretary with additional duties including scanning and faxing of EKG reports, “print packages” for consultation referrals, etc.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.