Management & Supervision
Cardiac Cath Lab
Full Time
8 Hour Shift
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Job #
  • Job Objective: A brief overview of the position.
    • This position is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the essential patient care functions of the Cardiac Cath Lab and EP Lab.
  • Reports to
    • Administrator Cardiac Services
  • Supervises
    • All Clinic non-physician patient care and registration staff.
  • Ages of Patients
    • Adolescent
    • Adult
    • Geriatric
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
    • Moderate Potential
  • Qualifications
    • Education
      • Required: BSN or MSN if hired after July 1, 2012
    • Licensure/Certification
      • Required: California RN license, American Heart Association BLS and CDE Certification (Certified Diabetic Educator)
    • Experience
      • Required: 3 years RN experience
      • Preferred: 3+ years of management or supervisory experience a cardiovascular program.
  • Essential Responsibilities
    • Demonstrates compliance with Code of Conduct and compliance policies, and takes action to resolve compliance questions or concerns and report suspected violations.
    • Selects, develops and counsels employees consistent with Human Resources management practices.
    • Creates a work environment which allows participation in order to promote retention, productivity, diversity, employee safety and equality.
    • Plans and conducts regular meetings discussing issues and performance improvement in his/her area(s) of responsibility with recording of meeting minutes and follow-up.
    • Together with the CAO, plans, prepares, implements, monitors and controls the budget to ensure sound fiscal management consistent with the goals of the hospital.
    • Adopts a total performance improvement approach to work that includes employee empowerment, managing with data, a philosophy of continuous improvement, a customer oriented attitude and a work methodology that minimizes error. This includes developing and maintaining quality-monitoring systems in area(s) of responsibility.
    • Reports performance improvement results and addresses any problems or issues accurately and timely.
    • Organizes and plans all activities in an effective manner. This includes organizing and delegating work in an effective manner, establishing appropriate time frames for completion of work and providing necessary leadership to ensure effective work results.
    • Participates in the development of tactical plan for the area(s) of responsibility.
    • Implements operational changes to satisfy regulatory (local, state, national) requirements and maintains area of responsibility in a state of continual readiness for Joint Commission and DHS surveys.
    • Writes, implements, and updates policies as appropriate.
    • Responsible for identifying the direct and indirect customers of the area(s) of responsibility, determining the products and services to provide based on the customer’s needs, analyzing customer satisfaction and developing actions that continually improve services. [Direct customers include patients, family members, physicians, employees, managers, directors, executives, students, etc. Indirect customers include board members, vendors, donors, etc.]
    • Maintain positive relations with direct and indirect customers.
    • Develops and maintains open, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with the department director, managers, staff, members of hospital leadership team, medical staff, other hospital employees. Relationship will be maintained in a manner consistent with Eisenhower Medical Center’s mission values and codes of conduct consistent with Performance Excellence.
    • Promotes continued self-development and development of staff through attendance at hospital inservice/lectures, professional seminars, conferences, professional associations, and other means.
    • Develops and maintains open lines of communication between the team members. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for developing communication tools to keep customers informed of changes, developments, services, policies and results of areas of responsibility.
    • Develops individual or personal objectives that support the goals, objectives, philosophies and mission of the department.
    • Participates in Joint Commission inspections and other local and state regulatory inspection requirements.
    • Organizes efforts around helping patients and clients have the most positive experience as part of E365 and regular Primary Care, by motivating and leading staff in a Mission driven manner.
    • Selects, trains/orients, directs, coaches, evaluates, and counsels staff.
    • Monitors daily scheduling for timely flow and reduced wait times.
    • Communicates closely with treating physicians keeping them informed of scheduling issues, any scheduling delays and patient care issues.
    • Monitors electronic medical records worklist and Relay messages of all staff for timely response and follow up.
    • Assists in patient care including rooming of patient, entering health information into EMR, administering injections, assist with exam or diagnostic procedure setup.
    • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and with EMC policies and procedures.
    • Monitors to ensure lab quality checks are done daily including refrigerator temperature logging and eyewash checks per policy.
    • Orders pharmaceutical supplies to maintain par levels and medical supplies to maintain par levels.
    • Ensures that staff consistently provides high quality patient care and/or other support services that are valued by patients, physicians and each other.
    • Ensures a high level of employee, patient and physician satisfaction.
    • Ensures National Patient Safety Goals are adhered to and works closely with clinical staff in compliance among all staff and physicians.
    • Maintains survey-ready clinics, compliant with JCAHO standards and state/federal regulatory bodies.
    • Collaborates, plans and implements process improvement to maintain high customer satisfaction, with hospital quality staff and clinic division staff.
    • Schedules staff to ensure appropriate coverage, including responsibility to float to other areas or “flex out” when needed.
    • Monitors Kronos and staff timekeeper system. Minimizes overtime and avoids meal penalties.
    • Ensures medical record information is scanned to electronic medical record appropriately and timely.
    • Demonstrates commitment to the EMC Behavioral Standards for all interactions.
    • Language, appearance and behavior reflect the EMC Behavioral Standards.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.