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  • Job Objective: A brief overview of the position.
    • Maintains stocks and orders necessary supplies and equipment, using the “Materials Management Information System” for automated purchase requisitions. Works on site providing customer service in various department service entities.
  • Reports to
    • SPD Supervisor and Lead-Supply Distribution/Inventory Clerk-SPD

  • Supervises
    • N/A
  • Ages of Patients
    • N/A
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
    • Minimal/ No Potential
  • Qualifications
    • Education
      • N/A
    • Licensure/Certification
      • N/A
    • Experience
      • Preferred: 2 years hospital experience in related field.

  • Essential Responsibilities
    • Demonstrates compliance with Code of Conduct and compliance policies, and takes action to resolve compliance questions or concerns and report suspected violations.
    • Able to set-up and maintain McKesson Intellishelf supply station using Location Items function. Understands objective of Min/Max, ASN, and Count feature and adjusts levels on an ongoing basis to maintain optimum inventory levels.
    • Refills assigned McKesson Intellishelf supply stations verifying current and refill amounts.
    • Rotates stock daily and monitors for outdates monthly.
    • Designates items for Blackout and inventories on a daily basis.
    • Conducts a daily spot check inventory for each supply station; if stocked out refills from SPD.
    • Moves items as necessary to maintain adequate inventory levels and locate like-items together.
    • Satisfactorily labels bins.
    • Ability to run and analyze McKesson reports. Demonstrates capacity to use reports correctly to relieve critical lows and stock outs. Other reports should be used to place orders and indicate non-refilled, least and most used items. Lead MSC/SPD Supervisor will determine frequency and types of reports to be run and acted upon.
    • Acts to notify SPD Supervisor, Lead-Supply Distribution/Inventory Clerk-SPD of any changes that need to be made in the PMM or the Intellishelf Location/Item files.

    • Interfaces with department staff on an ongoing basis concerning supply levels.
    • Enters requisitions into MMIS for non-stock supplies using McKesson Custom Buyout Report.
    • E-mail requirements are to open outlook at least once daily, check inbox and meeting and events, respond in a timely and professional manner.
    • Reviews unfill reports daily and determines from release date if there is a need to contact Buyer for substitute / or refill from SPD.
    • Demonstrates cost effectiveness with handling of supplies in the Intellishelf Stations, i.e.: rotating stock to ensure use of items prior to outdate.
    • Processes credits due to over/under shipment or wrong item shipped. Paper work must be done within 24 hrs. Follows up until product is returned and credit request is complete.
    • Properly maintains a delivery log for all deliveries (excluding JIT stock and supplies residing in Intellishelf). Obtains signatures upon delivery. Prioritizes deliveries. All refrigerated/frozen and priority shipped items are to be delivered on same day as received.
    • Issues all supplies from SPD Inventory to the proper deliver to location and cost center, verifying correct Unit of Measure.
    • Assists in the documentation process for human tissue grafts/implants.
    • Reviews and assigns purchase orders to O.R. service coordinators for scheduled surgeries (i.e. loaner banks, trial products, samples, etc.).
    • Develops and maintains a working relationship with vendor representatives to facilitate new product acquisition, product code changes, and product upgrades. Enforces hospital policy for the introduction of new products.
    • Enters requisitions in PMM for non-stock items based upon peri-operative reports.
    • Follows up with vendor representatives and service technicians post-surgery to ensure that proper paperwork is filled out correctly and submitted to Materials Management.
    • Collects and submits completed final surgery paperwork in a timely manner for Materials Management.
    • Arranges for equipment and instrument repair with O.R. buyer and obtains loaner equipment when necessary.
    • Re-orders consigned items and provides serial and lot number information to the O.R. buyer.
    • Inventories and replenishes ancillary service carts (i.e. Orthopat supply cart, cell saver cart, cast cart, soft goods cart, etc.).
    • Checks on status of orders and delivery dates with vendors via phone and e-mail.
    • Assists in removing stock effected by product recalls and notifications and properly documents actions to obtain credits or product replacements.
    • Fulfills assigned duties by Supervisor to maintain proper function of department.

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