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A Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) provides support to medical professionals when administering patient care. LVNs have the flexibility to work in various settings like a hospital, nursing facility, rehabilitation center and more. Obtaining clinical hours in different facilities deepens one’s knowledge of patient care. So, if you’re interested in pursuing a nursing career in California, consider starting as a LVN at Eisenhower Health.

Occasionally, LVNs are referred to as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). This can be important to keep in mind during your job search for available nurse jobs in California. The field will remain competitive as the demand for LVNs continues to increase (health care providers are urgently working to strengthen their nurse teams). We encourage nurses to start their careers in California, a state that offers fair compensation for RNs. Explore open LVN jobs at our world-class medical facility or click here.

What are the LVN Job Responsibilities?

Typically, LVNs provide bedside care for patients of all ages with various conditions. This involves checking vitals, performing medical treatment, and administering prescribed medication. Administrative work is also involved where patient information must be uploaded to the EHR. Tasks can vary depending on the specific department.

For example, a LVN in the Emergency Room has a unique set of tasks pertaining to emergency patients. Due to the nature of the ER, LVNs are expected to demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills in order to successfully communicate with patients, patient families, nurses and doctors. They’re also permitted to operate advanced medical machinery in order to optimize patient outcomes, under the direction of the nurse in charge. Ultimately, LVNs provide extra assistance to maintain operational flow in the hospital.

Some specific job responsibilities might include:

  • Collects data and reports findings to RNs upon new admission within two hours of admit
  • Communicates data on patient assessment to RNs who are assigned responsibility to the patient
  • Contributes in collaboration with RNs to the patient care plan
  • Evaluates effectiveness of nursing interventions and patients progress toward expected outcomes every shift
  • Maintains lab and other diagnostic test results and reports in a timely manner to RNs
  • Aides individual teaching plans for each patient, based upon a plan of care by RNs
  • Works under direction of RNs and completes assignments as directed
  • Manages patient assignment within assigned shift
  • Utilizes non-patient care time to help other nurses with care
  • Ensures that care reflects goals of patient outcome activities
  • Documents legibility, completes patient care records, uses approved abbreviations
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Performs specialized nursing

What are the Educational Requirements of a LVN?

You may be wondering: what’s the difference between a Licensed Vocational Nurse and a Certified Nurse Assistant? Although the job responsibilities are similar, the educational requirements and autonomy are different. LVNs must complete a year-long program approved by the Bureau of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). Additionally, they must pass the NCLEX-PN exam to obtain a license to practice.

In comparison, a CNA is only required to attend a four to six week training program to earn their certificate. The depth of knowledge LVNs acquire through coursework and clinical experience is what makes the job more advanced. In addition to administering basic patient care, LVNs can also do blood work and should be able to detect abnormal vitals to notify the nurse in charge.

Additional credentials may be required in different departments. The complete list of educational requirements for a LVN are:

  • LVN Program Certification
  • Active California LVN license
  • American Heart Association BLS Certification
  • IV Certification

LVN Jobs in California Continue to Rise

Eisenhower Health is offering a $10K sign-on bonus for LVNs in California. Relocation is a major career decision, and we want to help our nurses achieve a healthy work-life balance. Apply today to receive great benefits and jumpstart your nursing career at Eisenhower Health.

Originally posted on 3/2/2022

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