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Eisenhower Health's health and wellness programs are available to employees. Our staff may use the Renker Wellness Center free of charge while spouses and domestic partners may enjoy the use of the facility for a nominal monthly fee.

Personalized weight training, outdoor activities and aerobic fitness programs are available. We also provide nutritional and healthy living counseling, as well as health related lectures in conjunction with our Eisenhower Employee Wellness program.

Employee recognition programs include annual Longevity Service Award banquets, Pat on the Back on-the-spot employee recognition and programs that recognize entire departments for achieving outstanding patient satisfaction.

Bi-Monthly, awards are presented to Shining Stars who are recognized for outstanding performance in our six Supporting Commitments: Growth, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy and Caring, Partners, Healing Environment, and Efficiency and Resource Stewardship.

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Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our employees. You make the difference for the people we care for and the community we serve. That’s why we’ve designed a benefits program to make a difference for you and your family.

Effective immediately upon hire, all employees are eligible to participate in the 403(b) plan for voluntary payroll deductions.

Employees who elect to participate will be eligible to have Employer Matching contributions up to 5% of your annual eligible compensation. Employer contributions will have a vesting schedule of 20% per year for five years, for 100% vesting.

You need financial protection and security, which is why Eisenhower offers a flexible Health care Spending Account.

Your flexible Health Care Spending Account can contain up to $2,600/year. A Dependent Spending Account can contain up to $5,000/year.

Ready for a change of scenery and an amazing career opportunity? Eisenhower Health will reimburse new recruits for their moving expenses. * Restrictions Apply

Come work where you and the sun will always shine!

As an eligible Eisenhower employee, you automatically receive Basic Life and AD&D Insurance paid for by Eisenhower. In addition, Eisenhower also pays for life insurance on your spouse/registered domestic partner and dependents if they are covered by the Eisenhower medical plan.

Benefit Coverage
Basic Employee Life and AD&D Insurance 1X annual salary up to $50,000
Basic Dependent Life Insurance Spouse/Domestic Partner/Child: $1,000

* Restrictions may apply.

Regular full-time employees accrue PTO based on the schedule below. Part-time employees accrue PTO pro-rated based on regular hours worked and months of service.

Months of Service Accrual Hours Per Pay Period Annual Accrual Hours/Days
0-23 5.23 136/17
24-59 6.15 160/20
60-119 6.77 176/22
120 8.31 216/27

* Employees hired prior to 06/02/19 are grandfathered under the previous PTO program. Please contact HR for details.

Advance within your field or ennhance your competency with Eisenhower Health's Educational Assistance.

Tuition reimbursement is available to full and part-time employees pursuing higher education in an Eisenhower career path.

Positions other than Registered Nurse (RN)
Service Criteria Undergraduate Graduate
03-24 Months $1000 FT, $500 PT $2000 FT, $1000 PT
25-60 Months $2000 FT, $1000 PT $4000 FT, $2000 PT
>60 Months $5250 FT, $2500 PT $5250 FT, $2500 PT
Registered Nurse (RN)
Service Criteria Undergraduate Graduate
Minimum 90 days of employment $5250 FT, $2500 PT $5250 FT, $2500 PT

View reimbursement details * Restrictions may apply

Employee Benefit Guides

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Performance Excellence & Rewards Recognition

Performance Excellence at Eisenhower is driven by employees and members of the Executive Leadership Team. The team helps employees concentrate their efforts on meeting the Performance Excellence goals in Communications, Leadership Development, Patient Loyalty, Physician Loyalty and Rewards and Recognition. The Executive Leadership Team ongoing programs to reward and recognize the achievements of the staff of Eisenhower Health.

This program offers directors, supervisors and managers a way to provide ‘instant recognition’ to employees.

This program recognizes employees every 5th year of service. Each employee receives a Certificate of Recognition for their years of service, a lapel pin, and a gift of their choice from a wide selection of gift options.

After 10 years of service, employees are honored at an Employee Longevity Banquet. This event takes place shortly after Hospital Week.

The committee sponsors a holiday celebration in December for employees, physicians, patients and guests in Café 34. The celebration is held at three separate meal times. It includes a holiday meal and an employee raffle with gifts sponsored by the Medical Staff.

At the conclusion of their first year of service, employees are mailed an anniversary card thanking them for their service to Eisenhower.

During May, the committee sponsors events to celebrate the nationwide hospital week.

The dedication and skill of nurses deserves recognition throughout the year. But, starting the week of May 6th, Eisenhower Health offers a little extra well-earned spoiling to our nurse-colleagues. We treat our nurses to gift boxes and special events throughout the week, including luncheons, stress-reduction treatments and guest speakers. We want our nurses — and everyone — to understand the importance of showing appreciation for the nurses we hold in such high esteem.

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