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Earlier in the year, we explored health technologies that will change 2021. Online education is changing the college experience for nursing students. To accommodate the shift to digital learning, technological advancements in machines and programming have created accessible learning for nurses. Additionally, mobile nursing apps developed by health care professionals aim to reduce the learning curve for nurses on duty.

Nursing apps are great resources to verify information before administering medication or treatment. Ease of access to medical books, drug guides and event planners are becoming essential to a nurse’s success. Check out the top 9 nursing apps to share with fellow nurses and colleagues in order to boost productivity and performance for patient care.


Top Nursing Apps for Clinical Care Assistance



Designed by nurses for nurses. Lippincott provides evidence-based answers for care-related questions for diagnoses and conditions, diagnostic tests, treatments, signs and symptoms. Searchability is simple either through categories or keywords. Nurses can personalize information based on their organization’s protocols and chart notes. This app is available for download for iOS and Android devices.


With multi-tool features, epocrates provides instant assistance for a multitude of topics. On top of drug guides, pill IDs and interaction checks, the epcorates CME program ensures nurses have access to the latest medical advancements and clinical breakthroughs. Articles are written by health care professionals to fit an on-the-go content structure when nurses are on break. Check out their tiered subscription for a full list of resources accessible to nurses in the App Store, Google Play or web.


MediBabble aims to reduce the language barrier between patient and healthcare provider. The app provides medical terminology, explanations, and directions in five languages – Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and Haitian Creole. Both audio and text is available to accommodate patients who are either visually impaired or hearing impaired. Their extensive database of phrases is reviewed by a panel of physicians to ensure accuracy and cultural sensitivity. The app is available for iOS devices only.


Top Apps for Time Management



NurseGrid is scalable on a personal level to an organizational level. A nurse team can have access to each other’s calendars and see which member they’re scheduled to work with and what patients are included in their rounds. This provides an accurate top-level view to manage work-life balance, workload distribution and overall communication. This app is available for iOS and Android devices, with the ability to log in through the web as well.

Code Blue

This app syncs with smartwatches to track all activity during a cardiopulmonary event. Each encounter creates a patient profile that documents: CPR start time, shock application, epinephrine injection, ventricular fibrillation application and more. This eliminates the extra step of manually documenting these critical events that can be forgotten during urgent matters. This app is available for Apple devices only.

My Shift Planner

Seamless integration with your Google Calendar, My Shift Planner provides ample customization opportunities to manage shifts, pay day, holidays and more. Their backup abilities save previous versions of your calendar in case you accidentally delete an event. Also, they’ll send alerts to notify nurses when they should leave their home to make it in time for their shift. The widget form makes it easy to access on Apple or Android devices.


Top Apps for Nursing School


NCLEX PN Mastery

With proven study solutions that include practice questions, quizzes, and mnemonics, nursing students can take the NCLEX RN exam with full confidence. Practice questions are developed by nursing experts who utilize both previous exams and can determine questions that are most likely to appear on the test. Quizzes are unique for each category to ensure full comprehension and mastery. What’s great about this app is the trackable progress that documents test scores and stats to improve studying. Access this app through the Apple Store and Google Play store.

NCSBN Learning Extension

Master drug information to prepare for the NCLEX exam with NCBSN Learning Extension. Drugs are divided into manageable categories with differentiators to see what has been mastered and what needs to be studied. The design is simple and user-intuitive, presenting all information in flashcard form. Flashcard content is customizable and includes: examples of typical drugs, basic description and uses, fun facts and a drug index. This app is available only on the App Store.

Human Anatomy Atlas

Studying with a textbook can make it difficult to visualize pathways and intricate systems within the body. Human Anatomy Atlas offers a 3D model with animation to hone in on minute details that make all the difference for studying. It also provides in-depth definitions and explanations. Passing the NCLEX exam will be easier with this handy app that can be downloaded only on the App Store.

Eisenhower Health offers a multitude of resources to set our nurse staff up for success. Starting a career at our world-class medical center provides unlimited access to educational opportunities and personal growth. We strive to deliver the best patient care and that starts with taking care of our nursing teams. Join our staff and apply for available nursing positions at the heart of Coachella Valley.

Originally posted on 16/8/2021

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