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If the Coachella Valley was a boring ol’ desert with nothing more than some lonesome lizards and the occasional wildflower, then why do A-list celebrities from Frank Sinatra to Leonardo DiCaprio choose it as their destination for getaways? Could it be proof that the Coachella Valley is an exciting desert playground, teaming with diversity and fun things to see and do? Located 90 miles east of Los Angeles, the Coachella Valley is thriving with activities that inspire residents to live, work, play and prosper in bliss. Follow us as we highlight the five reasons why it’s California’s best kept secrets and you would love to call it home.


Secret Revealed: Cost of Living


What drives families and adventure-seekers to call the Coachella Valley home? Dependable sunshine is a chief factor, however, the cost of living is a secret we cannot keep to ourselves! California will always be on the higher end of the pricetag than the majority of other states (maybe besides New York or Boston) but the cost of living in the Coachella Valley coupled with a steady climate of 75 degrees and a higher quality of life makes it a secret unbeknownst to most Californians.


Let’s break it down, shall we?


The Coachella Valley is relatively 8% cheaper than the local averages in Los Angeles or San Diego, and on-par with national averages. Although there is no escaping the need for a car because the valley is spread out, the cost of living leaves more money in your pocket in an area with a higher quality of life. Who can object to that? (Crickets…)


Pros and cons are a feature of every living destination, even Hawaii of all places has its ups and downs. The active culture of the Coachella Valley combined with the relatively low cost of living makes this destination an affordable option. We can’t wait to tell you about the active lifestyles making the Coachella Valley a unique and fulfilling living destination.


Endless Outdoor Activities


The Coachella Valley is beaming with activities the family can enjoy and thrills geared towards the adventure-enthusiast. Inspired by the natural tones of the desert canvas, the Coachella Valley fosters an active lifestyle centered around protecting the environment yet not resisting to take full advantage of the perfect desert climate. Discover these five great activities inspiring the local Coachella community to be no place but outside!


1. Ommmmmmm…

Yoga and the Coachella Valley fit like two peas in a pod, the local creative community has forged a yoga-culture flowing with positivity. Inexpensive classes starting at $10 make yoga an affordable and accessible means to make the Coachella Valley a tranquil and inspiring environment to call home. Plus, becoming more limber in the process is a total win!


2. Bicycling, The Thing To Do

Large flat streets and fewer automobiles (less cars is a plus in itself, right?) make bicycling a popular activity in the Coachella Valley. Be sure to check individual city halls and online tourist websites to download the local bike trails.


3. The Golden Sport of the Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley loves tennis with a passion! As the home of the BNP Paribas Open, people from all over the world come to see their favorite athletes play in the “no worry” weather of Southern California. Major championships and an inviting community makes tennis a popular activity among residents.


4. Golf, Golf, and More Golf!

There seems to be a golf course on every corner in the Coachella Valley. Did you know you can select a course per week and play a different golf course for two years? Yes, and there is reason golf is a premier activity in the Coachella Valley. Gorgeous courses and a friendly community, golf might become your new favorite activity.


5. All The Rocks You Can Imagine

From Joshua Tree to Indian Wells, the Coachella Valley is the destination for rock climbers from beginner to expert. Experience nature in a new way and a culture which is both extremely friendly and encouraging. Grab some friends, pick a rock, and have some fun! Just be safe.


Schools With Great Rankings


Did you know three Coachella Valley high schools rank among the top 2,000 most challenging high schools in the United States? We have included our review of Coachella Valley high schools and higher education to showcase how these schools challenge and grow their student base.


  1. High Schools

Our research indicates the Palm Springs Unified School District hosts the best schools in the valley with Desert Sands Unified ranking second and Coachella Valley Unified School District ranking third. Palm Desert High, Indio High, and La Quinta High have continued to improve their ranking by adding even more Advanced Placement courses to challenge students.


  1. Colleges and Universities

While Cal State San Bernardino has a satellite campus in the Coachella Valley, there are a handful of excellent community colleges from the College of the Desert to the California Nurses Educational Institute, the Coachella Valley offers a wide selection of accredited schools making the valley a great place to pursue higher and artistic education.


Palm Springs: Arts & Culture Central


The Coachella Valley is an oasis of arts and culture! From architecture and art museums to film and music festivals, a variety of talents showcase their work in the Palm Springs area and the art lovers that reside there. Everything from the Palm Springs Art Museum and Modernism Week, to the Palm Springs Film Festival and Coachella Valley Music Festival, there is something for everyone to explore.


  1. The Mecca of Mid-Century Architecture

Hosted in February, Modernism week has been hosted since the 1950’s! This unique event brings excellent exposure to the local artists and the historic architectural landscapes, like Sunnylands, that make Palm Springs a desired place to live.


  1. Art Oasis

Art enthusiasts from all around visit the greater Palm Springs area for its numerous art galleries and events. The La Quinta Arts Festival showcases over 200 artists every year and has been ranked the nation’s number one in fine art and craft festivals four times in the last six years. You can see the works of some of the masters like Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, and Pablo Picasso at the Palm Springs Art Museum, and don’t forget to visit the numerous local art galleries sprinkled across the valley.


  1.  Music

By now you’ve probably heard about the Coachella Valley Music Festival and maybe even Stagecoach Festival held every year in the valley. With the rise of the DJ centric Splash House and hippie loving Joshua Tree Music Festival, the desert is becoming the best music festival hotspot. In addition, you can find some of your favorite artists at local spots like Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown.


  1. A Movie Buff’s Dream

You can spot the desert’s beautiful mountain ranges and plethora of palm trees in many well-known films including 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), and It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963). So, it’s only fitting that the city hosts the one of the largest film festivals in North America, the Palm Springs International Film Festival. You can purchase tickets to see the films created by award winning actors, directors, screenwriters from around the world.


Sunshine All The Time


With an average of 364 days of sunshine out of the year, how can you go wrong? If you like to relax by the pool and bask in the sun, it is somewhat of an Olympic sport in the Coachella Valley. Wildflowers also benefit from this consistent sunlight. Sure, it gets hot in the summer but the springtime wildflowers and gorgeous winters make up for the toasty summers ten-fold. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and blissfully mild temperatures, there’s no better place to be, in the middle of January.




Originally posted on 2/3/2018

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