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The rising demand for nurse managers is rampant as the new generation of registered nurses occupy available positions left behind from retired workers. Also known as a nurse administrator, RN managers are advanced practice registered nurses with, at minimum, a Master’s degree. Paired with a few years of professional experience, a nurse manager is assigned with multiple high-level responsibilities. They act as a liaison between their immediate nurse team, interdisciplinary teams and executives. Nurse managers have a unique, multi-dimensional role that keeps hospitals operating smoothly.

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What are the responsibilities of a Nurse Manager?

RN managers can be located in various departments. Typically, the nurse manager specializes in a field of nursing. Although they primarily execute administrative tasks, it’s important to have a deeper understanding of the specific study. There’s nuances to being a nurse manager in an Emergency Room versus a nurse manager in Urgent Care. Check out our available nurse manager jobs to understand the specific responsibilities.

Let’s explore common responsibilities a RN manager will face when overseeing a nurse unit.

Nurse Staffing & Training

From recruitment to retention, nurse managers evaluate prospective and active members to maintain an optimal performance from their nurse staff. They’re in charge of interviewing applicants and conducting monthly evaluations. Also, nurse managers lead training that covers administrative procedures and department protocols. RN managers need to be observant leaders who know when to step in if a team member faces a challenge.

Administrative Tasks

Adequate staffing for a rotation is crucial for a unit’s success. It supports work-life balance for the team by respecting people’s schedules. This can be one of the bigger challenges a nurse manager faces day-to-day. On top of paperwork and accounting, RN managers need to maintain daily operations in case schedules go awry. Coordinating and facilitating communication between team members is the key to maintaining good team work within the unit.

Team Motivation & Facilitation

Often known as the “cheerleading” role, nurse managers help foster a positive environment for the nurse team. Apart from staff meetings, they need to develop team-building activities that’s tailored to the unit’s specific needs. On the other hand, they must discipline team members when needed. It feels like a complete role reversal, so it’s important to be fair when disciplining. At the end of the day, a nurse manager is responsible for managing the team’s success with positive reinforcement.

What are the Requirements to be a RN Manager?

Similar to most registered nursing positions, a nurse manager must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and a state license. Additionally, certifications for BLS/CPR and ACLR are necessary in case a patient needs immediate critical care. Some hospitals require nurse managers to have a completed Master’s degree or at least be enrolled in the program. They’ll also need a minimum of five years experience in acute care settings.

Additional certifications that are highly desirable are Executive Nursing Practice (CENP) and Nurse Manager and Leader (CMNL). Both courses require an active unrestricted nursing license, Master’s degree, and at least three years of experience in an executive nursing position. You can find more information about the specific requirements at the American Organization of Nurse Executives.

The complete list of requirements are:

  • ADN or BSN in Nursing
  • MSN, MHA or MBA in Nursing
  • Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN)
  • Active state license as a registered nurse
  • Current BLS/CPR and ACLS certification
  • CENP/CMNL certification

Desirable qualities of a nurse manager are:

  • Excellent leadership and communication skills to successfully manage a nursing unit.
  • Ability to manage several tasks simultaneously and being flexible.
  • Highly organized to keep track of schedules, budgets, paperwork and more.
  • Detail-oriented to identify potential issues before they arise.
  • Collaborative with team members in terms of receiving feedback and adjusting if necessary.
  • High emotional intelligence to create a positive environment for nurse staff.

What to Expect as a Nurse Manager at Eisenhower Health?

When looking at our open nurse manager jobs in Palm Springs, CA, essential responsibilities are:

  • Demonstrates compliance with Code of Conduct and compliance policies, and takes action to resolve compliance questions or concerns and report suspected violations.
  • Selects, develops and counsels employees consistent with Human Resources management practices.
  • Under direction of CAO, plans, prepares, implements, monitors and controls the budget to ensure sound fiscal management consistent with the goals of the hospital.
  • Adopts a total performance improvement approach to work that includes employee empowerment, managing with data, a philosophy of continuous improvement, a customer oriented attitude and a work methodology that minimizes error. This includes developing and maintaining quality-monitoring systems in area(s) of responsibility.
  • Reports performance improvement results and addresses any problems or issues accurately and timely.
  • Implements policies, procedures, and directives as appropriate.
  • Ensures a high level of employee, patient and physician satisfaction. Maintain positive relations with direct and indirect customers.
  • Develops and maintains open, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with, managers, staff, members of hospital leadership team, medical staff, other hospital employees.
  • Selects, trains/orients, directs, coaches, evaluates, and counsels staff.
  • Monitors daily scheduling for timely flow and reduced wait times.
  • Assists in patient care including rooming of patients, entering health information into EMR, administering injections, assisting with exam or diagnostic procedure setup.

Why Should I be a Nurse Manager in California?

The healthcare industry will need a strong generation of nurse leaders to guide the younger workforce. This position is a great stepping stone to achieve higher positions within the hospital. Nurse managers get to work with patients and staff which provides for a meaningful career. With their first-hand experience, they can shape a positive experience for both parties.

Eisenhower Health is located in the heart of Coachella Valley. Patients and nurses are greeted with great weather and a passionate staff of health care workers. Work-life balance is important so we provide ample opportunities to our team members to grow professionally and personally. Apply for our RN Manager jobs and check out our Career page for more available nursing positions in California.

Originally posted on 23/8/2021

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