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At Eisenhower Health, we invest in our employees and provide them with a multitude of professional growth opportunities. Whether you are a recent nursing grad looking for a smooth transition, or an experienced nurse looking to climb the ladder of success, or you just want to expand your health care expertise, Eisenhower Health has got you covered!

Graduate Nurse Residency Program

Our Graduate Nurse Residency Program helps talented new nursing graduates excel in their careers by using a strategic mix of evidenced-based monthly seminars, hands-on education, peer support and seasoned nurse mentorship. This program was designed and is conducted by nurse professionals currently employed at Eisenhower Health. If you’re a new nurse looking to improve your critical thinking, clinical competence and confidence in an acute care setting, this is the program for you!

Preceptor Program

Our Clinical Directors are always keeping an eye out for stellar Clinical Nurses that display characteristics such as expertise, knowledge, critical thinking skills, honesty, integrity, a positive attitude, effective communication skills, and a genuine concern for others. These outstanding nurses are then recommended into our Preceptor Program, where they will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to a role as a preceptor. Through this program, participants will engage in interactive activities and group discussion to prepare them to transition into a preceptor.

PeriOperative 101 Course

From equipment and instrument use, to critical thinking and communication skills – our six-month PeriOperative 101 Course is a comprehensive program that involves classroom training, precepted clinical practice, mentoring and online learning. Each orientee is given a designated Primary Perceptor that will guide them throughout their course and prepare them for a successful career in the operating room. Orientees will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will ultimately improve standards of practice, leading to improved patient outcomes in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Internship Programs

New Graduate Internship Program

This twelve-month program provides new nurse graduates with a solid clinical foundation for Emergency Nursing care. The program combines in-person classes, online learning and “at-the-bedside” lessons – providing nurses with an effective mix of traditional learning approaches and hands-on execution.

RN Transition to Practice Program

The Transition to Practice program helps experienced Registered Nurses smoothly transition into the Emergency Department. This program is tailored to the individual nurse and will provide them with a 7-week precepted experience with a highly skilled Emergency Department Registered Nurse engaging in holistic care from an evidenced-based practice perspective.

Critical Care Nursing Internship and Orientation Program

The Critical Care Orientation Program trains and educates nursing staff to care for critically ill patients using a multilateral professional development model. Utilizing a blended method of education and training for orientation, this program allows nurses with different experience levels to transition to our critical care departments and enhance the knowledge of the experienced critical care nursing staff.

When you join our team at Eisenhower Health, your learning journey and professional development opportunities are far from over. That’s because we believe in empowering our employees with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve a successful and fulfilling career. This is health care as it should be.

Originally posted on 13/3/2019

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