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The Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center is more than just a workplace for those who devote themselves to caring for patients. It represents a calling that goes beyond a job or career – it signifies a commitment to ease suffering and save lives in one of life’s most trying times. At the core of the Cancer Center’s mission is a drive to provide top-level comprehensive care with compassion. For the nurses, working at the Lucy Curci Cancer Center means being part of something greater than oneself – it means finding daily fulfillment through service, empathy, and healing. More awaits than just a job; here is purpose and meaning amid illness’ darkness.

The positive impact of being an Oncology RN

Oncology nurses play a critical and rewarding role in positively impacting the lives of cancer patients by providing comfort, hope, and specialized care as they undergo difficult treatments, with the deep relationships built with patients during vulnerable times bringing profound purpose; the complex needs require nurses to pursue opportunities to expand their knowledge and advance their careers into leadership roles, clinical trials, research, and specialty advanced practice nursing. Oncology nurses collaborate within a diverse care team of specialists, and the rapidly advancing field necessitates continual learning and development of new clinical skills, all factors that contribute to the meaningful lifelong impact an oncology registered nurse can make.

Working as a Cancer Center RN

Working as an RN in a cancer treatment center requires expertise, diligence, and compassion to care for patients as they undergo challenging diagnoses and rigorous treatment regimens. Cancer center nurses coordinate closely with oncologists and specialists to provide coordinated, timely care and treatment education to newly diagnosed patients. They adeptly administer complex chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and ancillary medications, closely monitoring for side effects and adjustments needed. Sharp assessment skills help catch life-threatening neutropenia, infections, and metabolic disorders early. Cancer center RNs also provide emotional support to frightened, vulnerable patients and families – educating them, answering pressing questions, alleviating fears of the unknown, and celebrating milestones. The pace is often fast, changing moment-to-moment with admitting, discharging, emergencies, and staffing challenges. However, being present during the active fight against cancer and helping patients to recovery, remission, or end-of-life provides invaluable purpose and reward for ambitious nursing professionals seeking a career in this evolving medical field.

The best things about being an Oncology RN at Eisenhower Health

“The privilege of working at Lucy Curci Cancer Center is helping cancer patients in one of the top cancer centers in the USA & having a team who works smart and hard and values teamwork. One of the most profound rewards of being an oncology nurse is aiding in patients’ recovery. Every day I come in early and make sure my work area is clean and in order. I do my meditation and prayers for my patients. I do my chart checks the day before. I see patients, greet them with a smile, and make them feel welcome. I ask them if they have concerns and if there is anything I can do to make it better; they always appreciate it” Oncology RN at Eisenhower Health.

At Eisenhower Health we build meaningful relationships with patients from diagnosis onwards, educating frightened families, providing comfort during difficult treatments, closely monitoring for complications, and celebrating hard-won milestones together. Our expertise in cancer care helps save lives through early detection and swift intervention when life-threatening issues arise. You can pursue opportunities to expand your competence through career advancement into roles like nurse navigator, clinical trials nurse, educator, or nurse practitioner. Our specialized skills are in high demand, allowing flexible work options across our hospital, infusion centers, research departments, and hospice care. The challenging yet gratifying work of coordinating care alongside radiologists, dietitians, social workers, and specialists provides invaluable experience. While difficult and fast-paced at times, the ability to positively impact patients’ quality of life during vulnerable times remains one of the most meaningful rewards of working as an oncology nurse.

Open Oncology RN positions

If you’re looking for the next step in your health care career, visit our RN Oncology open positions career page to apply today and join the Eisenhower Health team. We offer a generous benefits package, a healthy work-life balance, *tuition reimbursement, *$10K sign-on bonus as well as everything the Coachella Valley has available, including world-class dining, shopping, wellness amenities, easy commuting, and outdoor activities.

Originally posted on 23/2/2024

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