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The roles of nurses have been changing, and working in nursing at Eisenhower Health can give you the opportunity to move from more acute care to ambulatory options. We want our nurses focused on changing with the times and developing their nursing careers. By helping them move into ambulatory care nursing for the future, we can all work together on advances in medicine and technology. For example, surgeries and other procedures that used to be inpatient are now being performed on an outpatient basis.

What Does Ambulatory Nursing Require?

As an ambulatory care nurse at Eisenhower Health, you can make it easier for patients who want to get back to living their lives. But this does require something different of you as the nurse taking care of them. If you’re working toward a nursing career, or if you’re already a nurse and seeing the changes taking place, ambulatory care nursing here at Eisenhower may be the perfect thing for you.
The collaboration and coordination required in ambulatory care are valuable and important skills, especially as we continue to grow our ambulatory nursing program. More nurses are needed every day here, especially in this niche. You can use your skills to better the lives of others, all while working in a quality environment where you’ll be valued and appreciated.

Nurses are Vital Participants in Care

As a nurse, you can play a pivotal role in the delivery of ambulatory care. You will not only understand the plans of care that are created for ambulatory patients, but you will know how to convey the information about those plans to patients and their families. That helps the patients and families feel confident that they know what they should do and who they should call if they have questions. It can also increase patient and family peace of mind, because they have a plan if something should go wrong.
You may have already seen the demand for ambulatory care nursing increasing, and if you haven’t seen it yet you likely will start noticing it very soon. Every patient here at Eisenhower needs individualized care, but there are also designated levels of care that patients move through during treatment. A nurse who understands those levels and how to help patients transition from one level to the next is a nurse who is vitally important in our ambulatory care space.

Choose a Great Work Setting

There are a lot of ambulatory care settings you can work in during your nursing career with Eisenhower. These include:

  • Urgent care centers
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Traditional medical clinics

Outpatient oncology units, schools, long-term care facilities, retail outlets with onsite clinics, and infusion clinics are just some of the other places where you might work as an ambulatory care nurse.
Additionally, many nurses are hired by pharmaceutical companies to provide education and training to patients who need treatment for rare diseases, or who use specialty drugs. Home health care is yet another area where you might be needed if you work in ambulatory care nursing. You may help patients with cardiac monitoring equipment, insulin pumps, and other types of medical equipment that they’ll be using in their home, so they can more easily take care of and treat their condition.

Make the Switch to Ambulatory Care Nursing

Transitioning from a traditional nursing career centered around acute care to one that’s more focused on ambulatory care takes time for many nurses. Listening to patients when you can’t always examine them in person requires a slightly different skillset, and it’s one that will continue to increase in value for the future of your nursing career. We can help you make the change.

The more you learn about ambulatory care nursing now, the more you’ll be prepared for a future that can help you advance your career and give more to patients who need your help and support. Telehealth helps keep patients out of the clinic or the emergency room, and lets them get the help and information they need while staying home. That reduces risk for those who are immunocompromised, and also makes it less stressful for those who may have trouble leaving their home for any reason.

Get Certified, and Come Work With Us

Getting certified in ambulatory care nursing is a great way to learn all the skills you need to come work with us at Eisenhower Health. The American Academy for Ambulatory Care Nursing can help with certification. Then you can build a great career with us, in the beautiful Coachella Valley. As an ambulatory care nurse, you can make a difference.

Originally posted on 22/7/2022

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