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After a few years of working as an RN, you develop a better understanding of your strengths and interests in the nursing field. In our previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of continuing education (CE) for nurses who wish to acquire certificates in nursing specialties. This provides nurses opportunity for both personal and professional advancement. Nursing specialties can have a broad range in job responsibilities and the environment.

Johnson & Johnson has a useful quiz that can help you figure out what specialty to pursue based on your interests. If you desire a change of pace or scenery, explore these nursing specialities.

If you value community and relationships…

You’re compassionate and you treasure the time spent with your patients. And, you strive to create a positive healthcare experience for your patients. Specialities that fall under these traits include:

  • Home Health Nurse – Aides primary caregiver, oftentimes family members, by offering various types of at-home care for patients. Home health care depends on diagnosis and includes preventative, therapeutic, and rehabilitative care for patients who aren’t able to travel outside of their homes.
  • Transcultural Nurse – A deeper knowledge of cultural differences in religion, values, and customs increases communication with a variety of patients. Diagnosis will be more well-informed, considering additional factors like home remedies and holistic approaches to a patient’s illness.

If your strength lies in organization…

You work well with numbers and aren’t easily overwhelmed when receiving information. Maybe you want to explore an area that doesn’t provide on-site care for patients. Consider looking at becoming a:

  • Informatics Nurse – Accumulates and analyzes data to optimize current healthcare systems and improve patient experience/care. Constant monitoring of digital health info to collaborate with IT teams in order to implement a better system for hospitals, community care centers, etc.
  • Nurse Life Care Planner – Creates long-term plans for patients with chronic illness or severe injury. Requires in-depth research to find all possible solutions and works with patient/family to form the best plan of action for care.

If you prefer spontaneity over routine…

You welcome a challenge and like to stay actively engaged throughout the day. And, your ability to provide perceptive solutions while maintaining a collected manner. If you wish to work in a fast-paced environment, these specialities are worth pursuing:

  • Nurse Anesthetist – Tasks depend on case-by-case basis and serve as an integral part of the surgical care team. Tends to patient before, during, and after surgery while acting as the bridge of communication between patient and doctor. Given autonomy with diagnosing and leading patient care.
  • Trauma Nurse – Encounters patients with an acute injury or illness with deep knowledge in emergency care. Experts in most forms of trauma in order to devise a care plan, that oftentimes saves lives. Leads staff in a calm manner and converses with patients to soothe/provide comfort throughout treatment.

If you are solution-oriented…

Your perceptiveness and attention to detail is applied as an advocate for change. And, having both knowledge and first-hand experience working in the field is valuable when developing new theories and legislation. With your values in education, take a look at these specialties:

  • Health Policy Nurse – Seeks reform for current healthcare policies and keeps the public well-informed about legislation. With vast experience in on-site care, areas for improvement in terms of accessibility and inclusivity can be included in newer legislation.
  • Research Nurse – Performs clinical trials to record data for health studies aiming to improve patient care. Contributes to the creation of newer theories and methods that can be taught throughout the nursing field. Promotes findings at conferences to incite collaboration with other nurse scientists.

Nursing specialities are limitless and should encourage nurses to continue education. The opportunities that come with obtaining CEUs are too good to pass on. We value all nurse professions at Eisenhower Health and employ nurses of various specialties. Explore the job openings available and find a department where you can develop your many talents.

Originally posted on 20/10/2020

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