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Registered nurses are among the most trusted professionals in the country, and this didn’t happen by accident. For most people, interactions with registered nurses occur at vulnerable moments of their lives, and nurses bring a comforting human element into otherwise sterile and impersonal medical settings. Patients and their loved ones typically have more face-to-face interaction with registered nurses than with other members of the health care team. However, many people only have a vague idea of what registered nurse job duties throughout the course of an average workday entail.

Registered Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

Following is a partial list of the basic duties performed by registered nurses on a regular basis. Keep in mind that duties vary per facility and specialization.

Perform Health Assessments

A health assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s overall health. Assessments are performed in clinical settings and involve a physical examination and a health history. The health history includes past health issues on the part of the patient, treatments, current lifestyle, and genetic history. Health assessments are usually performed during the first visit to an outpatient clinic or admittance to an acute care facility.

Administer and Monitor Medications

Registered nurses also administer and monitor prescription medication. They also keep detailed records about any reactions to the medications and keep records of dosage amounts and when the medications were given. Nurses also answer any questions patients may have about the medications.

Work as Part of a Health Care Team

Nurses work as members of health care teams to develop, implement, and carry out care plans for patients. This involves clear communication with team members and the ability to work well with a variety of other medical professionals to reach a common goal.

Other Registered Nurse Job Duties

Nursing is far more than just handing out medication and doing exams, though. There’s an intangible aspect to the job that requires a high degree of emotional intelligence. Here’s some of the other responsibilities that come with the job.

Discuss Care and Treatment Plans With Patients

Those suffering from serious illnesses and physical trauma caused by accidents are at their most vulnerable, and typically feel helpless, confused, and even angry — and their loved ones often feel the same. Navigating the frustrating maze of treatment and recovery is frequently emotionally draining, and registered nurses can ease this by providing patients and their loved ones with clear explanations of what treatment and care plans entail, advise them of their alternatives, and direct them to appropriate resources such as relevant support groups.

Advocate for Patients

Registered nurses are also in a position to serve as frontline advocates for their patients. They often detect unseen or unspoken needs and work to ensure that the patient receives the help he or she needs.

Nurses play an essential role in our health care system. Whether they specialize in one area or work in a general clinic setting, they provide a solid foundation for these facilities. Nurses need intelligence, dedication, intuition, and advanced education.

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Originally posted on 8/3/2022

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