A Registered Nurse (RN) is primarily responsible for all tasks related to patient care. Common responsibilities include delivering physical examinations, patient charting and monitoring vitals, creating patient care plans, administering medication, and educating patients about their health plan. Registered nursing jobs and responsibilities are different across various departments. Therefore, there are nursing specialties to designate a Registered Nurse as an expert in a specific field.

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What are the Registered Nurse (RN) Qualifications?

Registered Nurses are encouraged to have a Bachelor degree in nursing and a state license. Certificates in BLS/CPR and ACLS are highly requested for a registered nurse. Therefore, the complete list of requirements for RNs are:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in nursing.
  • Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).
  • Active state license as a registered nurse.
  • Current BLS/CPR and ACLS certification.

Specific qualities a registered nurse should have are:

  • Ability to work in teams and communicate between members to ensure action items are carried out.
  • Effective time-management to perform assigned duties within their shift.
  • Monitor, record, and update patient vitals to note any significant health changes.
  • Detail-oriented when taking notes and vitals with the ability to deliver an assessment on patient’s health status to other team members.
  • High emotional intelligence to create a positive patient care experience that includes simplifying medical terminology and concepts to the patient.

What does a Registered Nurse do in the ER?

Registered Nurses in the Emergency Room (ER) experience a fast-paced environment because they constantly encounter patients with physical trauma. Registered Nurse jobs and responsibilities in the ER include blood transfusions, setting bones, stitching wounds, and much more. They are expected to have high critical thinking skills with the ability to deliver the best health plan possible within minutes of assessment. It’s imperative that registered nurses in the ER are able to multitask and communicate with various departments to get the patient out of pain as fast as possible. Registered Nurse job positions for the ER are in high demand as the patient:nurse ratio is unpredictable day to day.

What does a Registered Nurse do in the ICU?

Registered Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are responsible for a handful of patients in critical condition. Typically, patients in this category are terminally ill, recovering from a stroke, or in a state that requires constant care. ICU Registered Nurses must be attentive and meticulous with their patient charting to record every change in key vitals that could signal a potential health concern. They are responsible for maintaining communication with the patient’s family and provide simplified updates of medical concepts and terminology. There are many nursing specialities an ICU Registered Nurse can explore to refine what type of patient they want to work with throughout their career.

What does a Registered Nurse do in the Surgery Room?

Registered Nurses in Operating and Surgery Rooms are called surgical nurses. They are responsible for assisting surgeons with elective and life-saving procedures. Registered Nursing specialties for the Surgery Room include pediatric surgery, cardiac surgery, neuro surgery, and much more. Overall, surgical nurses oversee the surgical procedure from beginning to end. The operating table must have all the sterilized tools and equipment readily available for the surgeon to begin the operation. Throughout the operation, the surgical nurse monitors patient vitals and can identify patterns that indicate a change in health status. The surgical nurse delivers patient care after the operation and closely works with the patient throughout the recovery process.

Where are the Registered Nursing Jobs Near Me?

Registered Nurses are vital for any department’s success. The beauty of working for a world-class medical center like Eisenhower Health is the opportunity for Registered Nurses to advance upwards in their career. Working with Eisenhower Health presents many Registered Nursing opportunities to explore various nursing specialities, so you can deliver outstanding care to our patients in the Palm Springs area. Check out our available registered nursing careers, specifically in the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit and Surgery Main.

Originally posted on 30/3/2021

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