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Are you looking for a job as a Surgical Tech? Becoming a surgical tech can open the door to a fulfilling career, with advantages such as being able to work on your feet, learning to work with the latest technology, and helping people on a daily basis.

What is a Surgical Tech?

A Surgical Technician or Surgical Tech is a person who helps surgeons, registered nurses, anesthesiologists, and other surgical staff before and during surgery.

Other names for this job include surgical technologists, operating room technicians, or scrub techs.

A surgical tech gets the operating room prepared before the surgery takes place, and prepares patients for their surgical procedure. They also assist surgeons during medical procedures and arrange all of the medical equipment.

Surgical tech jobs are often confused with a different role, that of a surgical assistant. While not a surgical tech, the surgical assistant is part of the operating team. Surgical technicians focus on operating room preparation, and surgical assistants work by the side of the surgeon, assisting with the procedure itself.

What do Surgical Techs do?

Surgical techs learn to anticipate what a surgeon needs to completely execute a surgical procedure efficiently and effectively. They start by preparing and organizing the entire operating room, sterilizing operating room equipment, and actively maintaining a sterile environment before and during the procedure.

Surgical techs are valued members of the operating team who work under the supervision of an operating manager or registered nurse. This position is primarily needed in hospitals.

To become a surgical tech, you need to complete an accredited program for surgical techs usually through a local community college, the military, a hospital, or a vocational school. To be a good surgical tech, you need to have excellent dexterity and be detail-oriented.

Qualifications Required for Surgical Techs

Our surgical tech jobs require certain qualifications, including:

  • High school diploma or have an equivalent GED.
  • Graduate of an accredited surgical technician program.
  • Hold a surgical tech certification, CST Certification, or equivalent (NCCT).
  • Experience with the equipment and instrumentation used in the operating room.
  • Current American Heart Association Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification.
  • 2 years of surgical tech experience at EMC or a comparable acute care facility.
  • It’s preferred that you have experience in an acute multi-specialty environment and have a solid understanding of surgical procedures and technology.
  • You must know medical terminology.
  • Patient care must be a priority and you need to be able to interact with many patients, staff, and families in a high-risk setting.

Surgical Technician Responsibilities

What will you do as a surgical tech?

You’ll be expected to have excellent knowledge of the sterile surgical environment traffic patterns and be able to anticipate surgeons’ needs in order to procure appropriate supplies for each surgery.

Maintaining and documenting instruments, needles, and sponge counts is also another important task of the surgical tech, along with preparing instruments for sterilization. You’ll also need to be comfortable verbalizing the verification of medications with the perioperative nurse and communicating with other physicians, patients, and staff.

You’ll want to stay up to date on new surgical techniques and equipment through continuing education, and use critical thinking skills to ensure efficiencies.

Where can I find a Surgical Tech Job in California?

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Originally posted on 1/7/2022

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