Registered nursing jobs are projected to grow 7% by 2029 (U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics, 2021). California is the top state for employment with over 307,000 registered nurses. Additionally, California has the highest annual wage, averaging $89,000 a year (ZipRecruiter, 2021). Due to the high demand of available nursing positions, the nursing industry is experiencing a shift in work culture.

A quick job search will populate thousands of available nursing positions across the country that welcome out-of-state nurses. Before committing to the job relocation, there’s several factors to consider. Apart from job benefits, can you envision yourself living in the new city for a year? One of the many benefits of nursing positions in Coachella Valley, California are the sunny weather and the endless amount of activities to enjoy year-round. If you’re ready for new experiences, follow our nurse job relocation checklist for a smooth transition into your new life!

Nurse Job Relocation Checklist for Palm Springs, California

Start Networking Before Applying for Positions

Get your foot in the door as soon as possible. Networking through LinkedIn is the first step to see if anyone in your existing network knows of available opportunities. Also, it’ll keep you top of mind when a position does open up. Another networking channel is through the American Nurses Association. The Nurses State Association designates a President and Executive Director to manage the nurse community for each state. Currently, California’s President is Dr. Anita S. Gerard and Executive Director is Marketa Houskova’, RN, BA, MAIA. They’re a great resource to contact who can guide you through best-fit facilities based on your desired speciality and lifestyle.

If you know which department you want to work in, join specialty nursing organizations on both a national and local level. There are official organizations that require annual membership fees to gain unlimited access to the existing network and opportunities. On the other hand, joining Facebook or LinkedIn groups are simple. Upon requesting to join the group, you may be prompted to answer some questions by the group administrator. Once approved, you’re able to freely network with the connections in that community.

Explore the Area Before Moving In

Selecting living accommodations requires a comprehensive look at the location. How far away is it from work? Are grocery stores accessible? If you’re raising a family, what school systems are nearby? There’s several factors to consider for a nurse job relocation and when you prioritize what’s most important, it’ll help narrow down where you should live. Important aspects to consider are:

  • Traffic patterns to calculate average commute times.
  • Size of the family to determine if an apartment, condo, or house will suffice.
  • Grocery stores and restaurants within a 15 mile radius.
  • Budget for all expenses: rent, groceries, bills, hobbies, travel, and more.
  • Overall safety and measurements taken to keep the community safe.

It’s important to define your lifestyle and set expectations. Account for the adjusted cost of living and finalize your salary before moving to a new city.

Acquire the Necessary Credentials and Certifications

For nursing graduates applying for jobs in specialty departments, certification is required to prove understanding of the field prior to starting work. Different nurse positions and organizations will require different credentials. Sometimes, it’s as simple as completing a nurse CEU course.

Additionally, you’ll have to acquire a nursing license in the state you choose to work in. Applying for a new license can take an upwards of two months, so it’s best to plan accordingly prior to your relocation. On the other hand, nurses can apply for the Nurse Licensure Compact that permits holders to work in the following states without having to re-apply for a new nursing license. The caveat is that this option is valid for temporary work. If you intend on working full-time, you need to apply for an endorsement in that state. It takes about 2 to 3 months for the process. Simultaneously, the current state you reside in will invalidate your license in 30 to 90 days. It’s best to work with your new employer to figure out the logistics of the credential and licensing process.

Working at Eisenhower Health, a world-class medical facility in the Palm Springs, CA area is the ideal location to enjoy a wide range of indoor or outdoor activities. Also, our nurse leadership teams work closely with new team members to ensure a seamless transition for your nurse job relocation. Check out our Careers page to find available nursing jobs and nursing specialties in various departments within our campus.

Originally posted on 15/7/2021

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