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Are you interested in discovering what a Telemetry RN does? Are you an LPN or RN who is looking to grow in your career and are looking for telemetry RN jobs available near you? Do you have the qualifications to apply as a telemetry RN? If so, what is the telemetry RN job description?

What is a Telemetry RN?

A Telemetry RN or Registered Nurse–Telemetry is responsible for caring for patients with diseases like heart disease, heart failure, or other serious medical issues which require consistent monitoring. Telemetry RNs also care for and monitor patients recovering from cardiac treatment like adding a stent or coronary artery bypass grafting surgery.

A telemetry RN doesn’t work in the ICU or Cardiac Care Unit. Instead, a telemetry RN usually works in a telemetry unit that receives patients once they are released from the ICU but still require close monitoring.
Other names for a Telemetry RN are Telemetry Registered Nurse, Telemetry Nurse, Registered Nurse – Telemetry, or Staff Nurse – Telemetry Unit.

Telemetry RN Job Description

A telemetry RN monitors, reads, and interprets the information from electrocardiograms (EKGs). EKGs measure the electrical impulses from the heart and translate them into a readable rhythm. Telemetry nurses are highly trained to detect dangerous or abnormal readings, and changes in the rhythms, so they can alert the physician in charge of the patient.

They also monitor other vital signs, like oxygen level and blood pressure. If a patient has an irregular heartbeat, a telemetry nurse may also assist with cardiac cardioversions or other treatments for cardiac emergencies.

As the Baby Boomers are aging, there is an increased need for qualified telemetry nurses. In the U.S., heart disease is the leading cause of death. Treatment for any life-extending procedure relies on technology and telemetry. This in turn means that telemetry RNs have a significant role to play in emergency response. Since they are trained to intervene in a crisis, they know how to administer medication, cardioversion, or defibrillation as needed.

Telemetry nurses stay in contact with patient care teams to let them know of any changes in a patient’s heartbeat that might be problematic and treated going forward.

The telemetry RN job requires a person who works well under pressure, is comfortable with using technology, and wants to work with acute patient care. Since they work with high-risk patients, telemetry RNs must be detail-oriented, so nothing gets overlooked that can lead to patient deterioration.

Cardiac issues can present in several ways, such as heart attacks, renal failure, congestive heart failure, advanced cancer, or COPD, therefore it’s the job of a telemetry nurse to monitor patients extremely carefully, and know how any of these cardiac issues can impact overall treatment.

Telemetry RN Job Qualifications

What kind of qualifications do you need to be a successful telemetry RN? Qualifications include:

  • Certification to practice as an RN or APRN
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) or Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN)
  • A state nursing license and/or certification to practice as an RN through the National Council Licensure
  • Examination for RNs (NCLEX-RN)
  • Obtain a Telemetry certification and credentials: PCCN Certification or Cardiac Medicine Certification
  • Basic Life Support (BLS or BCLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certifications
  • Some telemetry specialty certifications require RNs to have a minimum of 1,750 practice hours working in progressive care with critically ill patients. Courses are available through the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), including Essentials of Critical Care Orientation and Essentials of ECG.
  • Excellent skills in communication, interpersonal interactions, assessment, and working on a team
  • A flexible schedule, ability to work day or night shifts, on weekends and holidays
  • Able to stand for long periods at a time
  • Ability to make quick decisions, make urgent referrals to physicians, and work under pressure
  • Knowledge of respiratory and cardiovascular physiology, pathophysiology, and care
  • Knowledge of how to use and manage telemetry and relevant medical equipment

Telemetry RN Responsibilities

A telemetry RN has several job responsibilities including:

  • Monitors EKG output and keeps doctors informed of any changes
  • Recording vital signs, including oxygen levels, blood pressure, breathing patterns, etc.
  • Monitoring patient progress and updating patient medical records as needed
  • Responds to patients experiencing cardiac pain
  • Performs various diagnostic tests
  • Managing and administering medication
  • Monitoring and using the electrocardiogram, EKG, or ECG
  • Educating patients on cardiac health
  • Communicating with patient’s family
  • Administering tests, analyzing lab results, then reporting to the physician
  • Managing patient care, and giving them care instructions before they go home

Where are the Telemetry RN Jobs Near Me?

If you enjoy thinking on your feet and have extensive knowledge and experience in the telemetry field, consider joining the team at Eisenhower Health in Coachella Valley, California. You’ll have the opportunity to grow and thrive as an RN while providing the highest quality of patient care. Apply to one of our open Registered Nurse – Telemetry positions and check out our careers page for more exciting opportunities.

Originally posted on 4/10/2022

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