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In times like these when our resolve is being tested everyday it’s comforting to see nurses step up to make our lives and the world a better place.

These are everyday stories of nurses and other health care professional who are guiding us on the frontlines of this worldwide pandemic to overcome and bring communities together through teamwork, knowledge sharing and caring for their patients, even when it means putting their own health at risk.



Health care professionals heading to New York to answer the call.

Many nurses have courageously stepped up to fight the spread of this pandemic. They’ve traveled great distances or come out of retirement to assist hard-hit communities in need of support. Because of their courage, our family, our friends, our coworkers and our neighbors have the medical care they need.

Recently more than a dozen healthcare professionals answered the call to serve in New York. This picture of a Southwest flight full of nurses heading to New York to help fight the virus embodies their bravery, courage, and sacrifice.


Canadian Respiratory Therapist sends out an emotional thank you to border officers.

This Canadian Health Care professional was moved to tears after his 12 hour shift at a Detroit hospital. He later posted a video after being welcomed home to Canada by cheering border officers…


Nurses sharing knowledge to help flatten the curve.

Nurses are helping inform the public by sharing their knowledge of proper hand washing techniques, proper PPE use, the importance of social distancing and more. And who better than Health Care professionals to inform the public about how they can stay protected?

Nurse Molly Lixey’s uses a clever technique to demonstrate how cross contamination can affect the spread of the virus. Her video where she explains how easily germs can spread went viral.


Nurses sharing fun video content to help boost morale.

And let’s not forget all of the nurses sharing videos and content simply to boost morale and spread joy. We can’t underestimate the importance of these videos during this COVID-19 crisis.




Nurses going above and beyond to provide COVID-19 patients with the best care possible.

With patients confined to isolation due to COVID-19, it can be a challenge for Health Care providers to examine their patients. However, interacting with patients is still a necessary component in effective treatment and care. Through this pandemic, we’ve seen prime examples of how nurses adapt and innovate to provide quality care even in the most difficult situations.

Some nurses have started to use two-way baby monitors to interact with COVID-19 patients in isolation. This allows the health care providers to communicate with their patients while mitigating the risk of putting their own health in jeopardy.

It’s heartwarming to see nurses who take measures to ensure their isolated patients can still receive a “human connection”. Take this nurse, who played tic-tac-toe with her patient. These small gestures add up in ensuring the mental well-being of their patients.


Nurses that have started charities or fundraisers to help support their communities and health care workers on the frontlines.

Many nurses have identified needs in certain areas and have taken it upon themselves to fill those needs by starting various fundraisers.

A nurse in Massachusetts recognized that those in nursing homes may have felt even more disconnected from the rest. Feeling heartbroken, she started a fundraiser to purchase iPads so residents could keep in touch with their families.

A former nurse, Caroline Elliott raised over $64K to help provide meals to healthcare workers on the frontlines. Just another example of the nursing spirit helping communities during this crisis.


Despite the challenges and the potential risks of infection from COVID-19, a 71-year-old retired nurse in Colorado, is eager to get back to work.

Thousands of Health Care workers, including retirees and students have stepped up to help fight the virus.



If there’s something that’s been made even more clear through this pandemic… it’s that nurses are true heroes. Their selflessness and courage is evident all around us.

From the team at Eisenhower Health, we want to extend our sincerest thank you to all of the courageous nurses, doctors and health care professionals for putting their patients health above all and working tirelessly to fight this pandemic.

Originally posted on 27/4/2020

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